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May 26, 2017
Living Sacrifice
Living Sacrifice
March 1, 2017

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We are honored and excited to announce that the Soundtrack to Michael Shamblin’s “VOICES” Viewsical is now available! Released in 2017, this is an incredibly powerful, moving, and musically diverse Production and Project. It takes the listener on an amazing and descriptive journey of “Good versus evil”…and how we ALL have the choice to listen to God's good Voice that leads us to righteous decisions and a loving, joyful happy life…or follow satan’s deceiving, self-focused, self-pitying voice that does nothing but keep us stuck in sin and depression and leads us down a destructive path. When you are sharing with others about this beautiful music and the “VOICES” Soundtrack itself, it will be very helpful for listeners…especially those who aren’t yet very familiar with Weigh Down, Remnant Fellowship, Gwen Shamblin, or Michael Shamblin…to listen to all of the Soundtrack. These songs represent the spiritual “Battle of the Ages,” and while satan speaks and sings loudly in this Production and throughout life in general, there is victory for the person who chooses to listen to and follow God's beautiful Voice! And these songs, especially throughout the final stretch of songs in Act Two, are a symphony of praise to God! Check out the songs “Worship Him Forever,” “See the Light,” “Zion I Seek,” and many more on the Soundtrack as examples of how the story goes when you choose the right Voice. The entire Soundtrack tells an incredible story, and as anyone listens to all of the songs to get the full context of their meaning, anyone should see that this “VOICES” Viewsical is one of the most powerful collections of songs…ever…to illustrate “Good versus evil.” Visit for even MORE information!