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Hosanna Symphony

December 7, 2016
Life from Death Concert by Michael Shamblin
Life From Death
December 7, 2016

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First performed on stage in Brentwood, Tennessee in 2006, this Viewsical chronicled Jesus' life and ministry as He battled Satan and the pharisees of the day. The box set is divided into Act I and Act II and has 30 Tracks including: "I Hang Out on Steeples" "The Angels' Lullaby" "Stain-Glass Eyes" "Look to The Skies" "Christinaity 2000 AD" and the "Hosanna Finale". New track "Patience" from the 2013 performance is also now available for download through iTunes/GooglePlay, etc. God did an amazing work through Michael Shamblin, Gwen Shamblin, and the musicians – come and see what He has done!