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“Viewsical” is the term coined by Michael Shamblin in 2005 to describe a musical production which is filled with visual and other sensory input. Also possibly including an interactive screen, it consists of live drama, video presentation, choreography, vocal performance, orchestration and set design. A Viewsical is unique from other forms of theater due to the immersion of the audience in the performance, combined with the interactive elements listed above.

Hosanna Symphony

There is a war being waged for the soul of man, a battle of good verses evil. Introducing an original stage production and musical journey through the life of Christ like you have never seen before.

First performed in Brentwood, Tennessee, in 2006, this Viewsical chronicled Jesus' life and ministry as He battled Satan and the pharisees of the day. Involving a large number of cast members, it also features angels and demons, showing the spiritual war that went on behind the scenes. Written and produced by Michael Shamblin, and directed and narrated by Gwen Shamblin, Hosanna Symphony has been performed multiple times since by the cast and choir of the Remnant Fellowship church. The production is divided into two acts, and features 31 songs, including: "I Hang Out on Steeples" "The Angels' Lullaby" "Stain-Glass Eyes" "Look to The Skies" "Christianity 2000 AD" and the "Hosanna Finale".

Come see this powerful production live in person, or purchase the album on iTunes.

Only God Must Reign Alone!


“Voices” is the second Viewsical Michael wrote/produced. Also produced, directed and narrated by Gwen Shamblin, it tells the story of a searching man, Seeker, who lives in the wicked, hypocritical city of Robotia. An ever-present dark force seems to run everything, (the Voice), and the town preacher keeps it’s citizens and church members distracted and enslaved in their sins. But the jaded Man is helped by an angel from Heaven, and a called-out Saint named Ecclesia, and eventually discovers Truth, and a relationship with God. Overcoming the Voice (Satan) and his evil angel in the graveyard, Seeker goes all the way and rises above in the end.

First performed at Remnant Fellowship in Feb. 2015, “Voices” is Michael’s biggest musical production to date, and involves hundeds of volunteers, choral members, dancers, etc… Gwen Shamblin and the production team spent countless hours on video/staging/choreography/ costumes/lyric tweaking, etc. to make sure everything clearly points up. Truly a glory to God as it shows what a church of selfless Saints working together can accomplish.